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Sep 16, 2012 7:30am EDT
, congressman, for joining us. we really appreciate your perspective. >> great to be on. >>>s the frustrating for any entrepreneur. you go to a lender to ask for cash, fill out the forms and do whatever else the lender asks, and then your request is denied. it's a situation that's all too common. but you can't give up. as two entrepreneurs in maine discovered, perseverance can pay off. >> it was pretty flat out no at that point. look, we moved forward on this. now we're screwed. at that point we knew where we stood with them. >> joshua davis knows the frusation of being a business owner looking for funding. >> it was around $200,000. >> last year the coowner of the gelato fiasco needed a cash infusion so he and his business partner could open a second location. >> we decided the people believe in us and we believe in us. let's keep going and expanding. >> the number one question since we opened in brunswick is when will we open a location in portland? why haven't we opened there? >> neither one ever thought the search for funding for the retail and wholesale business would turn into a fiasco
Sep 22, 2012 5:30am EDT
have a routine about starving people in the desert. move to where the food s. if you want to reach a certain audience, find out where they're at and be part of it. network like crazy. there's great ways, linkedin, facebook, twitter. there's lots of places to be able to get that opm, other people's money. >> the other thing about social media, you can throw it out there. if it doesn't work, nothing gained, nothing lost. >> that's part of it. for a guy in the architectural business, you know, twitter may not be the right place to go. i think understanding the context, where customers as partners are, and if to them. twitter, facebook, linkedin may be great sources. it may not be the only thing. he's got to think about the context before he lays out the cash. >> old school in this case. he needs to be hanging around engineers, homebuilders, and other folks that are in the construction industries. there's lots of chapters. the associated general contractors, the architects, engineers, land servers, they have local chapters. he should start playing there. >> networking to what you said be
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)